Central Indiana's Premier Heat Treater Since 1952

Circle City Heat Treating Services

Heat Treating

We are considered to be vacuum heat treat specialists, with over 55 furnaces and ovens we can treat almost all steels, aluminum, copper, and brass.

Circle City Heat Treating Services

Black Oxide Services

Applies a sleek black finish to your parts as an inexpensive way to increase aesthetics and improve corrosion resistance.

Circle City Heat Treating Services

Blasting, & Hardening

Includes open air stress relieving and normalizing, straightening, bead/sand blasting, and flame hardening.

Circle City Heat Treating Services

Controlled Atmosphere
Heat Treating

We are oil hardening and carburizing experts. Circle City is well known for our ability to keep parts straight/flat during the heat treating process.

Circle City Heat Treating Services

Cryogenic (Deep Freezing)

Our cryogenic process at -300°F results in dramatically longer wear life, lowers operating and maintenance costs, and increases productivity.

Circle City Heat Treating Manufacturing

Advisory/Support Services

Includes technical advising and support from one of our heat treating experts. Hardness testing and certifications provided upon request.

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